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:faq: What is Org-Infinitum? :?:
Org-Infinitum is a continuation of The Organization XIII from the series Kingdom Hearts. In our world, the Original Nobodies who formed the Organization have perished, but there are still nobodies in existence. They've come together for the original cause that the Organization lost along their path, paying homage to the original Thirteen but calling themselves "Infinitum"

:new:How To Join
Press the icon that says "Join Our Group" and
Send the following with your Join Request:
-> Nobody Name
-> Element (There can be duplicates We just discourage that.)
-> Weapon
-> Reason for not Being (make it short)
-> What Branch you want to be in
Anyone who doesn't include the above will be declined. Rank will be assigned by... First come first serve

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Branch #1
:bulletwhite:Branch Head:Xemnas - Deceased
--:bulletwhite: Members
---:bulletwhite:#2 Xigbar - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#3 Xaldin - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#4 Vexen - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#5 Lexaeus - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#6 Zexion - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#7 Saix - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#8 Axel - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#9 Demyx - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#10 Luxord - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#11 Marluxia - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#12 Larxene - Deceased
---:bulletwhite:#13Roxas - Location Unknown
---:bulletwhite:#14 Xion-Deceased

Branch #2
:bulletgreen: Branch head: #15 Troix -- Healing -- Rank 4
---:bulletgreen:#16 Jaxyls -- Cero --Rank 0 (33)
---:bulletgreen:#18 Kuraxné -- Sound --Rank 0 (11)
---:bulletgreen:#19 Nexas -- Poison -- Rank 0 (20)
---:bulletgreen:#20 Vixden -- Shadow -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#21 Grxeg -- Blank -- Rank 0 (11)
---:bulletgreen:#22 Subtext -- Recovery -- Rank 0 (20)
---:bulletgreen:#23 Nexanda -- Air -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#24 Ixio -- Shape-shifting -- Rank 0 (9)
---:bulletgreen:#25 Vinkex -- Genetics -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#26 Lexi -- Diamond -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#27 Xaisatanaa -- Acting -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#28 Desix -- Opacity -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletgreen:#29 Sanxya -- Acupuncture -- Rank 0 (20)

Branch #3
:bulletred: Branch head:#30 Malexus -- Puppetry -- Rank 4
---:bulletred:#31 Hexst -- Shockwaves -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#32 Onyxt -- Harmony(Balance) -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#33 Noxva -- Wind -- Rank 0(0)
---:bulletred:#34 Xirek -- Medium-ship -- Rank 0 (29)
---:bulletred:#35 Noxious -- Dolls -- Rank 0 (11)
---:bulletred:#37 Xiodo -- Terrestrial -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#38 Shixra -- Techonology -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#39 Xona -- Speed -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#40 Elxpaug -- Arachnids -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#41 Xenath -- Telekinesis -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#42 Xoreo -- Gold -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletred:#43 Kearnix -- Steel -- Rank 0 (0)

Branch #4
:bulletblue: Branch head: #45 Xensha -- Replication -- Rank 4
---:bulletblue:#46 Faux -- Gravity -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#47 Xasia -- Crystal -- Rank 0 (15)
---:bulletblue:#48 Celxia -- Music -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#49 Xiatrovic -- Life -- Rank 0 (25)
---:bulletblue:#50 Healx -- Fire -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#51 Amryx -- Metal -- Rank 0 (17)
---:bulletblue:#53 Habrodex -- Toxin -- Rank 0 (45)
---:bulletblue:#54 Resxct -- Dark Fire -- Rank 0 (15)
---:bulletblue:#55 Xena -- Ice -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#56 Nexryu -- Mental Manipulation -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#57 Kirex -- Self-Morphing -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#58 Tolrahx -- Surprise -- Rank 0 (0)
---:bulletblue:#59 Nexas -- Physical -- Rank 0 (0)

Branch #5
:bulletwhite: Branch Head: #60 Paxon -- Aviation -- Rank 4 -- MIA(???)

Branch #6
:bulletpurple: Branch Head: N/a

:bulletblack: Member's # Member Name -- Element -- Rank (points)
:bulletwhite: = Deceased/Missing
if you don't like the colour of your bullet, Co-Fs, then tell me and I'll change it.




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Miscomunication Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
goodness its been a while since anything has happened on here DX
Shadedsolace Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I know. It seems like all the other admins have disappeared on me.

If it comes down to it, I'll make another group for the remaining members to join in and we could get this going like it used to.
Miscomunication Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I wonder whats happened D:

I would join again, I would love to get my charrie Healx back from the corners of my art XD
Shadedsolace Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
People just got busy or they just moved on.

lol well if enough people would like I will create another group. But I don't want to advertise it on this group. That would be something of a bitch move.
(1 Reply)
Sora-Horsey Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I haven't really done anything in this group lately, [I haven't submitted anything since August] and it's getting too confusing to have Xirek in a couple different groups. So this is where Xirek (#34) and I say good-bye to #Org-Infinitum
It was fun while it lasted, and helped me get to know Xirek just a little better.
Bye-bye! :3
Roakuro Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
i wants to join
but do you have to have a human i mean i was thingking of a dog with scent element (tracking missons maybe XD) but you know have a human form (if required...
Kittyismaster Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
humanoids are preferred, HOWEVER, all critters are accepted. we don't discriminate. that's one of the reasons I made this group. because I myself tried to join those things, too many rules.
Isenia Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
I'm don't really have that much time for RP, or I don't put any time for it. And I've lost my will to draw. So I'm leaving.

Bye guys! Take care!
I'm glad I joined, otherwise I wouldn't have Xenore and other OC's.
Lefuulei-Art Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no. I'm sorry. D: Well thanks for joining any how.
puttytat44 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lmaoo so if i want to join... whutt do the branches mean? like.. does it make a bigger difference if your in the second branch than in the like 4th branch? like the higher the branch the better or something?
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